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Build, Track, Segment. All New Text-List Features!

Jonathan and Peter have pulled multiple all nighters to get this to you before the New Year! Get ready! set! go build your text list!


New Features & Improvements

Collect Info From Followers

You can now collect info when someone follows you through your Markit Profile. This is very useful for building event text lists. See our guide here!

Home Tab Upgrade

We have reorganized the Home Tab by brining audience lists, transaction history, and managing your following, top of mind.

Create Event Revamp

The long awaited revamp of our Event Creation Flow is here!

Vogue is calling it the sexiest event creation flow ever made

(Vogue did not say this, but I did)

Fixed Issues

Event Has Ended - Display Bug

Briefly, the Get Tickets button still appeared on events that were over. This was purely visual and did not result in tickets being bought after the events. This bug is now fixed.

Coming Soon

New Logo!!!

Ned is hard at work to bring you Markit's new logo!

If you have an logo ideas please send them his way:

Let us know how we can help you better! Text my Markit number or email me anytime:

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