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Texting Policies

We make sure that your texts are always compliant with industry standards, and provide free education on best practices for texting.

Compliance Overview:

SMS marketing compliance rules are a set of guidelines that regulate the use of text message marketing campaigns. These rules aim to protect consumers from receiving unwanted and unsolicited text messages, while also ensuring that businesses comply with the relevant laws and regulations.

The main purpose of these rules is to establish clear standards for businesses engaging in SMS marketing activities, while also safeguarding the privacy of consumers.

Today, SMS marketing compliance rules continue to evolve as technology and consumer behavior change. We at Markit value trust above all else.
We will continue to update rules and guidelines to ensure compliance and protect consumer privacy.

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Texting Policies:

Now that you understand the basic terms surrounding text message compliance, here are some steps to consider and policies that we hold all Markit users to. Markit is all about trust, and we have a zero tolerance for the following behavior:

Banned Language:

SMS compliance requirements also cover the content of your message. The CTIA rule known as SHAFT prohibits companies from sending content on the topics of sex, hate, alcohol, firearms, and tobacco. This rule also applies to any promotion of your SMS marketing program. Breaking this rule puts your company at risk of being banned from sending text messages.

Restricted Content Catagories:

  1. Illegal activities: Messages that promote or facilitate illegal activities are not allowed.

  2. Harassment and bullying: Messages that are threatening, harassing, or promote bullying are prohibited.

  3. Hate speech: Messages that contain hate speech based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability are not allowed.

  4. Adult content: Messages that contain sexually explicit content or pornography are prohibited.

  5. Scams and phishing: Messages that deceive recipients or attempt to steal personal information are not allowed.

  6. Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs: Messages that promote the sale or use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs are prohibited.

  7. Gambling: Messages that promote gambling or betting are not allowed.

  8. Weapons: Messages that promote or sell weapons or ammunition are prohibited.

  9. Political campaigning: Messages that promote political campaigns or candidates are not allowed.

Spam Messaging:

Sending unsolicited SMS messages sent to consumers who did not provide express written consent to receive text messages from the organization. Additionally, spam texting in which you send multiple messages to your audience in a short period of time is strictly prohibited. Our team monitors all messaging and hold the right to restrict your account if suspicious or spam sending behavior is detected.

Harassing or Abusive Messaging:

We prohibit the transmission of threats, unsolicited messages, and "SMS-bombing," which involves sending multiple messages to a single number without consent. It is your responsibility to ensure that the users of your application do not engage in harassing or abusive messaging.

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