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Texting with Markit

Texting your audience  with Markit is as easy as the click of a button. Engage all of your fans with one text and make sure
no one misses out.

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Event creation is seamlessly integrated with event texting. 

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Setting event specific texts

Event texts let you customize your guest's event experience.

Guests get texts from a Markit phone number unique to each event creator.

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Two-way audience texting

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If your guests have a question, they can text you directly.
No more checking Insta DM's.

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Mass texting audience

Mass text anyone in your audience at any time.

Attach promo codes, customize your message, and continue to engage your audience.

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Retain your fans with mass texting
and rewards programs to keep 
them coming back for more.


Make sure no one misses out

Create your first event and start texting your people today.

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