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Saving Clicks, and Your Time

This week's update debutes reusable attendee questions and Markit's built in favorites list. Both features save you clicks and so much time!


New Features & Improvements

Reuse Your Attendee Questions

Attendee questions are now saved by default and are fully reusable. This will make creating events much easier. Over time you will automatically build profiles on all your attendees. These profiles are built right into Markit, making it very easy to segment and target specific audiences.

Favorites List

The favorites list is a great way to quickly group your important attendees together for quick mass texting and easy management. Add attendees to your favorites list with two easy clicks.

(sorry for bad frame rate, gif was being uncooperative)

Editing Promo Codes

You can now increase the number of uses for all promo codes. Unused promo codes can be fully edited.

Fixed Issues

Timestamps in Two-Way Conversations

A bug that caused some two-way message timestamps to display incorrectly has been fixed.

Coming Soon

Text by Ticket Status

Soon you will be able to easily text attendees based on the status of their ticket.

In Chat Attachments

We are adding mass texting attachments into two-way conversations, making it easier to send promos and tickets to individual attendees.

Let us know how we can help you better! Text my Markit number or email me anytime:

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