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Start a Weekly Event Text in 5 minutes

A weekly event text is the best way to consistently promote to your audience. This guide will get you sending texts like these, to your entire audience, in less than 5 minutes!


Before we start, you'll need to download Markit

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Step 1: Create A List
Lists are great for segmenting your audience. New followers can add themselves to your public lists or you can add them manually.

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Create a new list

Make it public

Step 2: Set Your Follower Text
When someone joins your list they'll be sent this message. Make sure it's relevant and feels personal.

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Click start building or your Profile

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Edit your Follow Text

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Write and save your new text

Step 3: Share Your Profile Link
When someone opens this link, they can opt into your texts and join a list. Share it to your audience through social media, emails, etc.

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Copy your Link or QR Code


Share to your socials, email, etc


People Join Your Lists

Step 4: Send A Weekly Text
Every week send your audience events using the format below.


Click New Text

Select recipients and draft the text

Send to your following

Copy and re-format for yourself

Hey, it’s Jonathan! Holiday season is officially underway with the Boston Common tree lighting last week! Holiday parties, end of year celebrations, lots of fun stuff going on in the Boston tech/startup scene!

📍 Venture Lane Jingle & Mingle Holiday Party
📅 5:30PM Tue, Dec 5th


📍 Techstars Boston Demo Day Festivities
📅 4PM Wed, Dec 6th


📍 The 11th Annual NEVY Awards @ House of Blues
📅 6PM Thu, Dec 7th


📍 Deck The Hall Innovation Studios Holiday Market
📅 5PM Fri, Dec 8th


To share this list with a friend: [YOUR MARKIT PROFILE LINK]

Now you're all set! If you keep sending good weekly content, the list will naturally grow!

If you have any questions or run into any issues, just email me!

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