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New Convos, Simplified Guest-lists, Big Home Tab Updates.

It’s getting cold 🥶 just in time for our first December update!


Give Your Honest Feedback

Scheduled Event Texts

Some love them, some hate them. We need your feedback 🙏

Do you think the default scheduled texts are annoying or do you like them?

Please text my Markit phone number with your thoughts, thanks!

New Features & Improvements

Easily Start New Conversations

You can now draft individual conversations just like iMessage.

Merging Guest-list & Collected Data

We have combined the two exportable spreadsheets into one. Making it wayyyy easier to see rsvps, ticket info, and attendee data all on one spreadsheet!

Fixed Issues

Co-Host Refunding

Co-Hosts now have the ability to refund attendees.

Coming Soon

Collect Info With Your Text List

Did you know people can join your text list without going to your event? Well now you do! Soon we are adding the ability to collect information from people joining your list; just like collecting info from event attendees. You can share your profile link to Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, to grow your text list!

Join List Revamp

Building on the upcoming improvement above, we are making it radically easier for new followers to join your segmented lists!

Home Tab Revamp

We are reorganizing the Home Tab by bringing Lists and Transactions top of mind. This reorg will pave the way for many Home Tab improvements to come!

Let us know how we can help you better! Text my Markit number or email me anytime:

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