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Attendee FAQ

Ticket issue? Get answers to all your attendee questions with our attendee FAQ.

  • I got an error screen when purchasing my ticket
    If you didn't get a text and were charged for your ticket, there may have been a processing error. To resolve this issue, text our support number below, and we will help resolve your issue within a few minutes. Text name, event name, and description of your ticketing issue to: 617-213-0897
  • I can't find my ticket!
    Your ticket was texted to you by this number: +1 (617) 488-9472‬
  • I want to contact the host
    You can find the Host's phone number at the top of the event page.
  • I was charged incorrectly
    Text our hotline if you were charged incorrectly. 617-213-0897
  • Non US Number?
    Markit does not have international phone support yet. Revisit the web page for the event, click login on the top right, create an account with email, then when you go back to the event page, you'll be able to register. No need to use the app. However, when signing up with email you won't receive the text alerts leading up to the event.
  • I have another issue
    Text our hotline with other issues. 617-213-0897
  • What happens to my phone number data?
    Your phone number is secure on Markit. Markit does not expose your phone number to the event host. When you register with your phone number, an account is made for you on Markit, similar to a social media account. The host can only interact with you through the platform interface. If you opt out of messages by replying stop, it will prevent the host from being able to message you any longer as they don't directly have your phone number.
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