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Location Highlight: Shake Shack (Seaport)


  • Overall: 4.75/5

  • Food: 5/5

  • Price: 4/5

  • Cleanliness: 5/5

  • Service: 5/5

Over the past year, I have been making money on the side by delivering food to various restaurants in Boston. I have visited hundreds of restaurants from doing this, and ultimately, there is one spot that has stood out by far. The name of this place is Shake Shack, located in Seaport.

Upon entering this restaurant for the first time, I was immediately greeted by an employee who wore a gigantic smile on his face and asked if I was a delivery driver. I confirmed that I was and he let me know that my order was almost ready. While I was waiting for the food, one of the cooks asked me if I wanted anything. I asked for a SmokeShack burger and they immediately began cooking it. Finally, when the food was ready, an employee handed me both the food that I was picking up for delivery, as well as a SmokeShack burger and fries. They explained that the burger and fries were on them…I couldn’t believe it.

A week after this happened, I took a trip to the Seaport Shake Shack again, but this time, as a customer. During this visit, I was treated like a king by every employee. While I was ordering, I couldn’t make up my mind between what I wanted to drink, so the cashier gave me a sample of three different drinks. After deciding on one of them, the cashier gave me a large and then explained that the drink was on the house. Again…utter disbelief.

Ultimately, I have never visited a restaurant with such hospitality, generosity, and great food as this Shake Shack did. This seaport location is the 100th Shake Shack to open worldwide! I encourage you to see for yourself one day and I hope that you are as blown away as I was. Download the Markit

App, make a wish mark, and tag your friends to set up a time you can all go together! Feel free to tag me too! @tannergordon

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