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How Markit Works

Step 1
Host & Ticket  your next event on Markit

Event Page

P 1.png

Event Dashboard

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Step 2
Switch all promotion to your Markit link. 

Each event on Markit builds your Following, which is your contact list of attendees that you can text directly.

Markit SMS is not spam. You create a customized and personal experience for your attendees that boosts engagementinstead of reducing it.

Ticket Purchase Screen

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Your Welcome Message

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Step 3
Sell more tickets 

Mass Text your Audience about your next event. Markit's Ticketing takes care of capturing all of your Attendee's phone numbers.

Creators have seen more than a third of their tickets sold through just one Mass Text. Never go back to 20% open rates of Instagram and Email Lists. 

Mass Text Your Audience

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Message Past Attendees

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Have a question or want to talk to our team?

Text or call  617-213-0897

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