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Add Personalized Texting to Your Event in 2 minutes.

Mass Texting

Taylor Mass.png

Two-Way Texting

Taylor 2.png

Targeted Texting

Taylor 3.png

(Texts viewed from the perspective of your attendees)*

How do I get the phone numbers?
Collect them using a Markit link.

Replace your event link

New link collects info

Link directs to event. You can now send texts

Loop, Insta 3.png
Frame 4062.png
Frame 4063.png

How do I create a Markit link?

Step 1: Open and paste your link.
Once you've pasted a valid link, click Generate

Frame 4134.png

Step 2: Fill in your link info.
When you're ready, click Next

Frame 4173.png

Step 4: Collect Numbers & Add Questions (optional)

Frame 4135.png

(Adding Questions)

Frame 4138.png

Step 5: Confirm your link preferences.
If everything looks good, click Confirm

Step 6: Click Share to copy your new link.

Frame 4182.png

Step 7: Replace your old event links.
Replace the links on your socials, emails, flyers, etc

Old Link

New Link


It's that simple!

Now you are collecting phone numbers and can use Markit to send texts!


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