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Markit is the new wave
of event promotion.

We bring all of the best events in an area to people in one compact place. By putting your event on Markit you can promote it for free and in doing so can reach new audiences that would not see it in traditional marketing.


Creating an event

is incredibly easy.


Just create an account, then click on the create event tab in the lower right of the screen, from there fill out all the information and your event will be put on the stack. All public or ticketed events will appear on the event stack for people in the area.


Promote your event

and sell tickets at the same time in the same place.


Tickets are in the form of QR codes that can be scanned by any iPhone logged into the account used to make the event. QR codes are unique and screenshots will not work. 

If you have any questions or  would like to be featured on the app, please contact us at

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Markit Social Inc.

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