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The future of events is here

Ticket events & activate your audience with Markit.

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Text messages
cut through
the noise

You can't reach your audience when using traditional platforms like Eventbrite, Ticketmaster, and Instagram. Markit cut's through the noise.

Data shows 98% of text messages are opened. This allows you to directly engage your audience, and get immediate feedback.


Markit is the only way
to  bridge the gap
between ticketing and
audience engagement.

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Hosted on Markit

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Our Services

Markit has all you need to
create and manage your events.

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Hosted on Markit

Thousands of events have been made on Markit.
Here are some of our favorites

Brand ACES

ACES Heart and Hustle Classic
at Roselle, NJ.


Make sure no one misses out

Create your first event &
start texting your people today.

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